10 killed in London with 3 assailants

The terrorist attacks again in London The attack was carried out at the London Bridge and Borough Market Just 10 min from Print In London. At least 10 people were killed. Of these 7 general people. Police shot three suspects dead. At least 20 people were injured. CNN has reported this. It is said in a statement from the London Ambulance Service, The injured have been taken to hospitals in London. Many people have been given emergency treatment on the spot. The driver of the London Bridge Bridge on pedestrians by speeding up the vehicle lifted its driver. On the other hand, another person used to attack a knife in the Borough market. Eyewitnesses said they heard the sound of gunshots. This incident is considered a well-organized attack. Prime Minister Teresa May summoned an emergency security meeting in the wake of the incident. The London Bridge railway station has been closed. The police urged the public to avoid the London Bridge area. They think this is a well-planned terrorist attack. It is to be noted that a van was lifted on pedestrians on the London Bridge last night. Witnesses say, At that time the speed of the van was much more. Besides, its purpose was to hurt the pedestrians. On the other hand, an attacker stabbed a cafe in the Borough Market. CNN shows the body of one who is lying on the street. Security guards surround him. Assassel is not an attacker or ordinary person. London mayor Sadiq Khan called it a deliberate and cowardly assault. Note that this year three terrorist attacks in Britain this year.


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