Allegie is in Juventus

Three Champions League Final in Three Years Lose It can be said that, in the last three years, he took the team twice to the Champions League final.

Juventus authorities are certainly watching the success of Massimiliano Alligree. They have been able to increase the contract for two more years with the coach. Algira’s contract will end next year He has been staying in Juventus for the extension of the 2020
The final final match for Real Madrid, however, said that they will jump again for the next year. Allegi has been able to enter the European mission with an Italian club for an extension of the contract, and at least three years. German club Barbosa Dortmund, who was looking forward to success in Europe, introduced the new coach to the fans in front of the fans. Peter Busch, who took the youngster of Ayax in the last Europa League final, has replaced Thomas Tuschel. Having a chance to work in a large club like Dortmund, proudly boasting, “A Dortmund of the best clubs in Europe. The young people are not comparable to the young people, the supporters of the yellow wall. I’m really proud of getting a job in a club. “Meanwhile, the coach is changing in Inter Milan. Luciano Spellati agreed to leave the role of Roma, taking responsibility for the Narajjuris. In the last league, Roma has runner-up in the series ‘A’. AFP


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