That face, this face!

That face, and this face! There is a lot of difference between the two. Not only by mouth, but also in the vast difference.

The child is sitting in the orange-colored seat of Ambulance. Dustamakha is falling on the forehead of blood. Last year, the photo of the Imran Dakanishi became the warring Syrian face. During the civil war in Syria, almost every day, I say, thousands of thousands of Umran A storm of criticism in the country and abroad led to a storm of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Umran’s picture flashed back. However, now smile on her face. Arranged playing around the house. This new picture of Omaran debate has started Because, now his father has opened the face of President Assad. He said that he wants to raise his child in Syria. Omar’s father Mohammed Khayer Dakanishi said that he changed the name of the boy to survive from the rebels. Along with that, he added, there is a lot better in Aleppo.

However, various human rights organizations demanded that the original picture in Syria is different. Dakinese is talking about the country’s government’s pleasant situation. According to him, the picture of Omran was actually the propaganda of opponents. In an interview with the pro-government media, he claimed, “The attackers used the picture with the help of international media to attack President Asad. ”

In August of last year, the house of the Omarans collapsed on the Russian airplane in Aleppo. Russian bomber jointly attacked the Syrian government to disperse the rebels who were camping on the eastern edge of the country. Five year-old Umran and his grandfather, 10 years old, were rescued from the debris. Ali died two days later in the hospital. The photograph of the injured Omran in the Ambulance seat during the rescue was viral in the social media.

In December last year, Aleppo’s rebellion decreased. The city is now in possession of President Assad. Valerie Jibala, a researcher from the Syrian Institute, said, “The Omarans are now in government control. “Jabal has claimed that those who opened their mouths against Assad’s government have been arrested or tortured. According to him, this may have happened in such cases.


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