This train will run without the train and the driver! (See video)

The train is running But there is no railway line! There are no drivers again.

Even if you are surprised to hear it is true. This impossible thing is now possible in China. These new tours have been made to mix buses, trams and trains. The train’s construction company, the Chinese railway transit firm CRRC is a ‘smart bus’. There are also modular systems like train.

These train cabins are able to run without a pre-determined destination. The special sensor is on the train. Which will run on the virtual track. The virtual track is actually a drawn line drawn on the street, so that one type of sensor is fitted. The train will run on it. At least 300 passengers can be accommodated in a room of 30 meter long in one room. It is possible to add more compartments to it. It runs 70 kilometers per hour. The electric battery is on the train. After a full charge, the train will run about 40 kilometers in that battery. China is planning to launch this train early next year. This train will run on a short distance to two to four rooms.

‘Smart bus’ or non-powered Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) subway, is far more affordable than tram system. No such structure is necessary for this reason. In such small and medium-sized cities of China, such travels will play a bigger role in resolving traffic problems. According to the CRRC, the cost of the train subway line is at least 10 billion and two million US dollars. But the ART bus service will cost only about two million US dollars


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