Finally, Melanie entered the White House

Finally, Trump Vernon Melanie is going to the family house in the White House. Five months after Donald Trump took the oath of office, he went to the White House on Monday with the son Baron Trump.

Tweeted itself by tweeting. He writes, “The White House is going to be a new dormitory. Hopefully happiness will be created. ‘
Donald Trump took oath as the 45th President of the United States on 20 January this year. On that day, he sat down at the White House’s Oval Office. There was a continuous journey to the big girl, Ivanka and the son-in-law Jared Kushner. But 11-year baron was so long ago in New York that Firstlly Melanie There was little speculation about that. Trump kept away wife and boy from the White House to give priority to iwanka. But Melania himself dismissed that speculation itself. He has decided to stay in New York for his son Baron’s studies.

Earlier, a First Lady did not step in the White House so late. Former First Lady Michelle Obama began to stay in Washington before becoming President of Barack Obama. In order to adapt to new school, two girls get enough time to adapt. So everyone was surprised by Melanie’s decision. But New Yorkers will be relieved after Melanie moved to Washington. For the safety of the trump tower, they had to pay the money to the peas! Traffic jam was also being created due to the security allocated for FirstLaidi.


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