Know the rules of smartphone charging

The smartphone is often wrongly lost due to the charge. And to avoid this problem, there should be some rules in regards to charging smartphones.

1. Do not charge the charger in the handset other than the smartphone that has a charger with it.
2. Do not charge the phone by charging the charger cheaply. Because, the cheap chargers produce any company, no one knows whether they will follow any protection. If the adapter is Failure, but the battery of the phone may be completely broken.
3. If you can, open the protective cover of the phone and charge it. Because, if the charge of the phone will be slightly warm, it is normal. But the power of the normal heat transmission of the battery is diminished if charging the cover. If needed, charge a soft cloth on the phone screen and turn it on.
4. Charger used for fast charging but harmful to the phone’s battery life. In this method high voltage outlets are sent to the phone’s battery. As a result, a phone battery is hot. This is not the usual charger.
5. Many have the habit, keep the phone all night long. This tendency is fatal but harmful. Oversighting is very bad for the battery.
6. It should not be too easy to use battery saver apps from the Play Store. These apps cost more than just the charges.
7. Try not to charge a full charge at once, but pay 80 percent charge. Again, do not pay more than 80 percent of the charge. It reduces life expectancy due to the battery being hot. So every 80 percent of the battery life will increase.
8. Keep in mind that the charge does not end there completely. It decreases battery life.
9. Try the power bank to charge the phone if there is a voltage problem. There will be no problems like power cut, over-current.
10. Do not call charges on the phone to talk. It is not only the loss of the phone, but also, you may also be harmed.


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