Trump’s ‘travel ban’ order !!!

For the citizens of six countries, the order of the President of Donald Trump to suspend the new travel ban has been kept in the Court of Appeal. The ban was supposed to take effect in mid-March, but it stuck in the suspension of the Federal Court of Hawaii.

Three months after the suspension, the trial court went to the court. But the San Francisco Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal kept the previous order on Monday, BBC said.

The Appellate Court said that the president’s executive order violates the existing immigration laws of the United States. Analysts see the appeal court’s decision as a legal defeat for the trump administration. In addition to imposing sanctions on immigration, this kind of restriction was imposed on Trump’s election promise.

In response to the appeals court order, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that he could not agree with the judges. “The President gave the order in his capacity to keep the country safe,” he said.

The BBC wrote that the appeal court’s order did not end the legal battle over the travel ban. In the beginning of this month, the Trump administration has moved the Supreme Court to review the executive order of the courts in different states. There the final settlement will be there.

Trump, the first executive order for the first time to ban the travel ban in the United States on January 27, was just one week after the swearing-in ceremony. With which there was widespread chaos in the airports and protests worldwide. Seven days after the Federal Court of Seattle suspended the implementation of the executive order. An appeal court on 9 February kept the order.

A month after March 6, Trump issued a new executive order for travel restrictions on six Muslim nationals. In the new order, Iraq was excluded from the previous list, the indefinite ban on Syrian citizens was lifted. But two hours before the Hawaii and Maryland courts suspended the implementation of the executive order a few hours before it became effective.

On May 26, the appeal court upheld the conviction of Maryland. Hawaaye’s court order has come to light on Monday. In the election campaign, Trump promised to ‘completely stop Muslim entry in the United States’. However, after a slight withdrawal in March, a revised travel ban was imposed on Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days of entry into the United States. As well as 120 days restrictions are issued to all refugees


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