Apple is again losing its global brand Google

The first time in the list of the world’s brands is Google Technologies have been dominating the list for several years.

Google has grabbed the number one spot in the rankings for the first time.
According to the Brand’s Global Ranking 2017, Google has renamed Apple at the top spot for the second time. Of course, it was not easy for Google. Because Apple has been ranked as the top ranking for six years since 2010-2015.

Apple’s accident occurred in 2016, second only to the second place. And this year, Apple has to stay in second place,

A research organization called Cantor Millward Brown has carried out this review. According to them, Apple’s brand value is 3,470 million dollars, up 3 percent now than last year. On the other hand, Google’s brand value at the first place increased 7 percent to $ 24,55 billion.

Apple’s condition is the reason why the customer’s interest in Apple products decreases? On the other hand – or interest in Google increased suddenly? It can be difficult for Apple to answer questions. However, unmanned automated auto technology and advanced home-based technology might have put Google ahead.


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