Facebook Intelligence will work to counter terrorism

Facebook is going to deploy artificial intelligence to prevent terrorist activities and terrorism. That’s the secret of Facebook posts that will be noticed.

A Facebook official said on Thursday, at the moment that such a post will be posted on Facebook, Facebook’s artificial detectives will remove this post. So everybody should be extra careful when posting or sharing anything on Facebook since this time.

There is already a Facebook tool to stop ‘child pornography’. Facebook had not taken any action so far without any report on any post. But this time the artificial intelligence detects this type of post itself and can be removed from Facebook.

The way in which there is a series of terrorism happening in different places around the world, there has been question about whether social media like Facebook has the effect. It is known that Facebook has taken this step to answer the question. All posts, including photos, videos or any text, will be seen in terrorism, in this manner of Facebook.

Facebook’s staffers will be in charge of monitoring whether the posts are really meant to be terrorized, even with artificial intelligence. Facebook has appointed 150 people for this purpose.


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