The Lost Restaurants of London

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Cemetery Club

Log out of TripAdvisor and exit the OpenTable app -we step back 100 years and reveal that there was more to life thanNando’s and GBK

Going out in London and you’re usually confronted with the challenge of where you should go if you fancy a bite to eat. Particularly in my age bracket, the choice seems to be the Chicken place, the Burger place or the Italian place. But what of years gone by? How did our dearly departedcope without Peri-Peri sauce and Pesterella?

Here’sthe top 5restaurants many of those buried six feet under would have eaten in in days gone by.

  1. Frascati’s

32 Oxford Street, W1D

Frascati Nan

Frascati’s was one of the most prestigious places to dine in London. Incredibly popular with Freemasons, social clubs and anniversary dinners, its opulent decor including the ‘Winter Room’ and the ‘Balcony’ (which is described in a newspaper cutting of the 1890’s…

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