UK: Game Over for Calais minors…

Passeurs d'hospitalités - English

The British Minister of State for Immigration announced last Friday the end of the procedure allowing a legal access to Great Britain for all minors expelled from Calais, either for family reunification or under the Dubs amendment. It specifies that the procedures will continue from France. This supposes that the French Prefectures are actually dealing with this type of situation and that the Home Office is giving them an answer, which is clearly not what happens today, and which has been hardly made to work due to legal complaints before the destruction of the slum in Calais, and then carried out on a larger scale for the dismantling, as an exception.

In fact it is still pending the situations of those initially considered by the Home Office as minors, then as majors, sometimes in spite of the existence of uncontested documents, other times refused despite the existence of relatives -for the moment no negative decisions have been notified to the concerned…

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