Europe: Siberia from London burns

The heat wave continues throughout Europe. Wednesday’s temperature was the highest in the region.

It was the warmest day since 1976 in London.
Meanwhile, there is a terrible wildfire in the capital.
64 people died in the fires started in the middle of the weekend in Portugal Over one thousand firefighters are trying to bring the fire under control.

Although there is some advantage of firefighters, the weather still cools down to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

News AFP

The heat wave continues throughout Europe, including Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Due to the heat, two wildfires were created in the south of the coast of Croatia on Sunday.

The authorities have to take 800 tourists away from it. Now the fire has been brought under control.

Firefighters in Austria are alert. In the country Saint John celebrates the fires of the year on the longest day of the festival.

Italy’s forecasters predicted that the current heat wave could be the hottest in 15 years in the country. The country’s temperature may be more than 8 degrees higher than the average temperature. The seasonal warming season in Milan is 39 degrees Celsius and the Alps mountain range is 1 thousand meters high at 30 degrees Celsius.

A report published on Monday warned that the global heat wave will continue. According to the agreement made in Paris in response to climate change, if the temperature is reduced to 2 degree Celsius, the heat will continue throughout the world.

Chief Climate Editor of Nature Climate Change Journal, said, “Despite the targets we set in Paris, by the year 2100, almost half the people will be suffering from heat.

This is the first time in the UK since 1995, for the first five days in June that continuous temperature of 30 degrees Celsius is going on.

Copper in west London has reached 33.9 degrees Celsius. This is the UK’s record temperature in June after 1976.


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