Google smart jacket 2017 ( Google New Product )

Google and Levies together have created ‘Commuter Jacket’ for cyclists. Google’s new ‘communicator trucker’ has been knit together with jacket technology and yarn. You have to spend 350 US dollars for this jacket. The switch is given on the left hand of the commuter jacket. Google smart jacket 2017 ( Google New Product )

The jacket recharged in this hand. Inside it there are conductive threads which are fine-tuned. As a result, you can turn on all the features of jackets in touch. For example, if you want to listen to music, you can start it with your hand touch. With this jacket you can control your smartphone. You can use maps and calendars to catch calls. Since Google has a system of the system so this jacket can not be used with the iPhone.

According to Levis, this dress is not only modern but all problems of the present time can be solved by this. It’s nothing dangerous. If you want to use this jacket, you have to take some mental preparation to spend extra money. However, this additional cost would not be enough to say.


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