Google’s huge fine: European Commission has fined $ 277 million

The European Commission has fined $ 277 million for the abuse of power in the world, one of the world’s largest internet companies, Google. Earlier, no company had been fined such a huge amount of allegations.

Complaints against Google: They are taking advantage of Google’s quest to search the Internet – that is, ‘search engine’ – Google’s priority.

It is said that, when people buy something on the Internet, a service called ‘Google Shopping’ is making their own wish list to the list before the buyer.

But Google was going to do it?

For this they are using a service called Google Shopping. When you search for any product on the Internet, you can find photos, prices, stores in it, comparisons of what customers like most – these are the ones that Google showcases in front of you.

Where’s the problem? The problem is that this result of your search is not ‘normal’.

It will be seen beside ‘Sponsored’ – that means the company’s things you see others before – they have given Google money to get this opportunity.

If you do not scroll down to the bottom of the list, you can not see the same thing made by another company.

Apart from that, Google Shopping ads contain advertising prices and images – but others do not have advertising. Here they are also creating an extra attraction.

The EU has been investigating this activity of Google Shopping for the past seven years. The investigation started after the complaints of some other companies including Microsoft.

According to the European Commission’s ruling, the way Google is taking advantage of others to compete – it will stop within 90 days if Google does not mean it, then they will be fined.

Google has indicated that they can appeal against it.

European Union’s Competition Commissioner Margaret Vestzar said that what Google is doing is a violation of EU law. He said, “This means taking away the opportunity to compete with other companies with their merits and creativity, and depriving Europe’s consumers of the benefits of competition.”

Richard Stables, Chief Executive of an online shopping firm named Kelku welcomed the verdict.

He said that due to this illegal activity of Google many business houses and buyers were affected.


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