How to use Facebook without internet!

Just two days, Mark Zuckerberg has crossed two billion targets. Mark Zuckerberg has created a new plan to achieve success-not-for-nothing. A third of the population in the hands of the hand, it will have to touch the remaining two-thirds. Now the goal is four billion!

He has almost touched the dream. His dream-flight from Iyeaar level is flying in reality. Name acilah This Acilah is a truly comprehensive flight, which does not fly with the help of a pilot. Which means in English – Unmanned flight.

Suppose you do not have any Internet service, even in a distant future. Because you are in remote villages, where Electricity has not yet reached. Or maybe someone living in a deep forest. Someone or the sea-surrounded island. They can connect with Facebook with the help of this Achila! Incredible, but Zuckerberg is very close to the truth.

Acrylic Energy Solar Power It is impossible to afford this very little cost. The purpose of the construction of the same thread will be successful for the people of the whole world, no one will be separated or separated. Most recently, the expansion of the Sahara Desert is experimenting on experimental basis. It has collected numerous unknown information across the passage, which is the fact that the furore marker laughs at the lips.

Laughter is going to boil all the people of all countries of the backward. If there is public relations without internet, many dreams will be successful together


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