US space agency will fight in space

America has decided to form a space force for space war. The members of the US House Armed Service Committee voted to form the army. The sixth branch of the country’s armed forces will be engaged in military operations outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

The force will also fight for the war. This is the first time that a new branch of US Armed Forces has been opened since 1947. News RT

In January 2015, the plan is expected to be implemented in less than two years.

These forces are being formed as part of the revolutionary reform of the US Air Force. However, the issue of formation of the US space force has not yet been fully approved.

All the space missions under the US Air Force will come under the umbrella of the US space command after officially approved by the force.

There will also be a new head of the US space command. The 18th member will join the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The US Air Force is currently conducting a secret mission with aerospace aircraft X-37b. X-37b has returned to the world with a record of having 718 days in space.

There was no public disclosure about what it was doing while living in space. It is known again in August that it will be in space missions.


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