Canada is paying $ 8 million an ex-Guantanamo prisoner

The Canadian government is going to pay compensation to the former prisoner of the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison. Appropriately apologizing to him will be asked. He was imprisoned for killing an American soldier in Afghanistan. He was only 15 years old. The Supreme Court of Canada later commented that the person was interrogated by the officials in ‘abusive circumstances’.

An officer related to the case said, the former Guantanamo prisoner named Omar Khadar received a compensation of 8 million US dollars from the Canadian government. Public officials are not allowed to talk about this matter in detail. Especially, before the announcement of this announcement, it has been banned from disclosing information about it.

Last month, the Canadian government and the lawyers lawyers intervened.

Omar is born in Canada. US troops detained him from an area in al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. He was then 15 years old. The responsibility of the death of American Special Forces Medical Surgeon First Class Christopher Spirer was brought to him.

It is said in the complaint that the pitcher’s grenade speaker was killed. Later, Omar was charged with war crimes in a military commission in Guantánamo. In 2010, the responsibility of murder was given on his neck and 8 years. He already spent the sentence. Two years later, Omar returned to Canada. Later, in May 2015, appeals against the sentence.

Omar was 10 years old in the infamous prison. His case took the attention of the international community. However, in many cases, he was considered a child soldier during the war in Afghanistan.

In 2010, according to a Canadian court ruling, the intelligence division of the country collected certificates for the food. They said that since 2003, the cloth is kept in an oppressive situation and interrogated. The documents are shared with the US authorities.

Among the Westerners who were kept in the US military prison in Cuba, the youngest and the last man in the kitchen was among them.

The complaint against the government of Canada against the government of the United States against the failure of the security of its own country and to stop the torture that has been carried out on the farmer has not been done with any US mediators. Omar’s lawyers claim compensation of 20 million US dollars. The government has announced its compensation of 8 million dollars.

After the release in 2015, Khadar apologized to the US military’s family. He also declared any kind of violence that would be called ‘no’. Want to start a new life now?


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