Download mobile app, may be in danger!

Mobile phones are part of our everyday life, it is not a new thing. For our personal work, our hands have become our mobile phone. To save time, we help one app one by one. But what you know, the use of regular apps can cause you big damage. Why not use private data as a result of the use of apps is being trafficked. Recent research says that. Two professors from the University of Virginia Daphne Yao and Gang Wang are working with a research team.

The whole team is doing extensive research, how can the information be transferred through the known apps used on Android phones. The study found that, in two ways your personal information may be endangered. First, an app that is actually a malware app, which has been created for the purpose of cyber attack. Secondly, an app from which information can be easily ejected. The developers’ objective is not always understood for these apps. However, deliberately or unintentionally, the issue of security hazard has clearly been proved in the study.

The researcher’s team examined 110,150 apps and found the decision. Notable, among these, 100206 apps are popular apps from the Google Play Store. Researcher Wang said that there is a need to keep an eye on the security of the app. However, his hope is that software companies will get a fresh look at the information from their research paper. More awareness needs to be increased in this regard. Be cautious before customers even download, researchers are also seeking.


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