Google started to produce wind power in Norway

Google is establishing a wind power plant in Norway, one of the world’s largest information technology companies. It will be the first wind power supply plant in the country. Reuters reported in a report.

It has been learned that the plant, which has 50 turbines, will have power generation capacity of 160 megawatts. When the construction is completed, it will be Norway’s largest wind power plant. At the same time, it will be the largest wind power plant in the US technology giant company in Europe.

A spokeswoman for Google said, “If the wind power plant is fully operational we will start buying energy from it. We think it will be in the beginning of September this year. ”

Last year, Google had signed a 12-year contract to buy 100 percent of the plant. There are four European data centers in Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. It is said by the organization that one or a few of these data centers will run in air power.

Plant-builder Jeffair spokesman Olov Rometweit said the first turbine of Telenes Plant will start production from the next week.

Earlier, Google signed an agreement with a small wind power plant in Sweden. The plant’s activities are scheduled to start in 2018. In Europe, the company’s renewable energy capacity will be 500 MW.


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