He is the cricket’s ‘M Farah’

To be small, his name to the teammates is now just ‘M’. Not only is England, Olympic champion Md Farah is not a long-distance runner. Moeen ali, who has long-term cricket, has been able to become a symbol of dependence on the new England captain Joe Root. Fast bowler Ben Stokes, who has the best batting line-up of off-spinner Moeen ali, whose bowling also has the ability to win matches. It is not a big achievement for the South African crumbled for 211 on the leadership’s debut.
The captain, who started with the win, was overwhelmed by this achievement, “The best thing about the best innings of our batting is that the bowling of both of them is also quite useful. ‘Moeen ali has worked very much in Lord’s. The off-spinner took 4 wickets for 59 runs in the first innings in the second innings to become more competitive. In 53 days, 6 wickets for 6 victims, the team has won. Mike took 10 wickets in the first match of his 38 Test career, topping his captain, the match’s best. Yes, the hosts scored 190 runs in the first innings of 458 runs, but Moeen ali(87) missed the century for a short while in the same innings.England south Africa cricket test 2017

Moeen ali, the player of the match-winning side, also increased the depth of the ball too much, Root said, “Whenever he is aggressive, his best comes out. In one word it was amazing. If you want to know about Moe, you will hear that he himself is a batsman who knows little bit of bowling. Finding such a person is luxurious for us. It is a great thing to use their opportunities in a positive mentality. His presence increased the team’s depth. ‘

Moeen ali himself has flown the joy of the tide It’s just about to go. Maybe he could not take his name on Lord’s honors board by a century. But in the innings, he has already taken his name on the board with 10 wickets in 5 matches and he has already carved his name. In response, it said, “It is really a matter of great feeling to do such things in Lord’s. ‘Of course this is not the end here. There are more matches. And when the opponent is South Africa, then there is more cautionary demand. Because the Proteas have no record of losing any Test series outside the country in the last 10 years. Root, who started his career in captaincy with the win, is also keeping in mind, “They are a great team. Therefore, we have to ensure good preparation for the Trent Bridge Test. We should provide enough confidence from this win.


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