Attack on Muslim Women in London Tube station for wearing hijab

Physical Abuse has been found by opening a hijab to a Muslim woman in London’s important tube station. Since the militant attack afterwards, the hostile behavior of Muslims in London is heading down. This incident happened on July 16th.

It is known that Aniso Abdul Qadir was waiting with girlfriend at the Baker Street tube station in London. Suddenly a man came up to him. He and his girlfriend were trying to open the hijab on the wall of the station and try to open. When the woman tried to stop him, the accused person beat him and his girlfriend. They also used to go mad.

Abdul Kadir told the incident that posted the picture of the accused, posted in the tweet. Then there was a storm of criticism in the social media. Not only the accused person, the woman accompanying her has been found guilty of making statements. Although a spokesman for British Transport Police said the incident was being investigated,

British transport police officials said that such incidents would not be tolerated at all. Although the accused responded to the reply of the woman, the alleged young man. He did not do any such work in his counter-claim. He is being framed by conspiracy. He claimed that he did not hurt anyone any day. But seeing the CCTV footage, the truth will emerge.


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