The job offer of London’s 5 year old child!

London’s five-year-old child was fined £ 150 for selling lemon juice to street people in front of his house. The complaint was that he was selling temporary shops by opening temporary shops beside the road.

The child is now getting many job offers. Many people say they can open their own stalls in different events.

The child’s father Andrea Spice, a business school teacher, went to the East London London Film Festival. At that time, at the time of attending the festival, her five-year-old child took a table under a hobby and arranged for it with a shawl.

The child wanted to sell lemon juice to the celebrated people. But suddenly four council officials came and fined the child. They say that they are fined because they started a business without a trade license.

However, the Tower Hamlet Council apologized for the incident and also canceled the fine.

Mr. Spiceer said that her daughter is getting a lot of job offer for opening the stall selling lemon juice in front of the Boro Market festival.

On Twitter, the child’s family said that we are very grateful and happy to see the response of people worldwide. The organizers of various festivals have called for the Lebu Shurbat shop in their festival premises.

Source: The National Student


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