Russia warns of war with the United States

In response to the Syrian chemical attack, the United States launched a missile attack, warns that the war between Washington and Moscow will be created. At the same time, the country also announced any kind of military action again in Syria. US President Donald Trump has said that the strike will not be finalized yet, even though the announcement to launch Syria’s missile attack.

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Emanuel Macroon said that he had enough information-proof evidence of the chemical attack in Doom. He also cautioned that the right to be responded by air strikes would be given appropriate timing.

British Prime Minister Theresa May called an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the United States and France’s joint military action against Syria in connection with the chemical attack in Doha. British media said the US-led Britain is ready to take part in the missile attack without prior permission of the parliament, Theresa May said.

French President Emanuel Mccro has warned that the Syrian government has carried out a chemical attack in Daua and claims that France has its evidence that it will be responded to by the air attack in the right time. He told this to an French television interview on Thursday, he said.

French President Emanuel Mccro said that we found evidence of the chemical attack in Syria that the toxic chlorine was used there. And this is what Assad’s forces did. We are continuing the talks with Western countries to take effective measures against Syria.

US President Donald Trump has stepped down from his statement even though he said that the Syrian missile attack. In a new Twitter message, Trump said that the missile attack against the Assad regime, but he does not want to say when and where he will be. However, he said he was uncompromising to launch a missile attack. On the same day after a meeting in the White House, Trump said that discussions continue to take place in Syria to decide on Syria’s chemical attack.

US President Donald Trump said that we are closely monitoring the issue of Syria and intensely. We have already eliminated the IS. We will decide on Syria issue very soon. Several meetings are scheduled to be held in this regard.

US Defense Secretary Jim Matthews said, the decision will be taken at the meeting of the Security Council in the White House soon.

Meanwhile, Russia has urged Western countries to refrain from taking military action against Syria to avoid possible war. The Russian ambassador to the United Nations said that there is a Russian army in Syria, and the situation will be awful when the United States and its allies invade the country.

Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vassili Nebenzia said that the clear decisions of permanent members of the Security Council are a clear violation of the UN Charter. At the same time, it is a threat to international peace and security. We are very concerned about Western countries. We hope they refrain from the missile attack. But if they attack, we will resist it from the very beginning.

Trampered Twitter diplomacy Russia has never believed that the Kremlin does not believe in the Kremlin. The Kremlin spokesman said that any attempt to counter any attack in Syria, Moscow does not want to follow Trump’s social media diplomacy


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