Zuckerberg’s personal information was stolen!

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg confronted US Congress Senators for the second day on Wednesday. At this time he was asked various questions. Responding to a question, Zuckerberg said that no third party has stolen my personal information.

From Facebook, it is confirmed that UK-based political consultant Cambridge Analykas steal information of 8.7 million subscribers. Mark Zuckerberg also included his name on this list on Wednesday.

Ask Senator Anna Eusu Zuckerberg, whether you have your personal information on the list of 8.7 million subscribers’ steals?
In response to this question, Zuckerberg said, “Yes.

Zuckerberg is asked, how did the data hand in this huge number of customers? He said, in this regard, the special adviser to the United States Law Ministry Robert Mueller is investigating. Facebook will provide all kinds of cooperation.

Asked about the Russian intervention in US elections, Zuckerberg said Russia has misused Facebook for its influence and political interests.

Zuckerberg said that Russia could again interfere in the elections in different countries of the world. He promised to take all necessary steps in this regard.

Source: New York Times


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